point of a distorted view
2002-08-29 19:47:02 (UTC)

fluffies stuffy!

I talked to steen today a lot. I think he relizes(sp?
hm...)how THERAPUTIC it is for me and that's probably why
he hasnt gotten a restraining order. or maybe he doesnt
hate me anymore. too bad skatee does hate me. sad. Guess
what? I miss brian. and today, I told the WHOLE world.

last year i missed the year before ALL year but this past
summer all i could think about was how much i missed the
year that was barely even over.

i miss everything and i hate it!

shout to margaret: can i come over so we can go visit
brian? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaase?

oh yeah dan. hahaha this is funny. you'll enjoy it.

I have a new "soul mate". his name is dan aka lilfroman
and he's dana's 11 year old brother with a fake fro. this
is all funny and just to "boost his self esteem"(loldana)

i don't feel like anythink else.

word: psycho-analyze. you know what it means...