hvnlyhottie13z journal
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2002-08-29 18:18:48 (UTC)


haha, i just got done bein yelled at... kinda funny.my
friend goes, "dont you care about your life anymore?!?!"
haha, i mean, what could i say? i know he was just trying
to help me but... yeah... i dnt kno.i dont know anything
anymore... i used to think that life was so perfect... now
i dont think i could care less about anything. so how was i
suposed to respond??? "no, actually i dont give a fuck
about my life?" no, i didn't say that, of course i thought
about it... but i didn't.

guy truble keeps on gettinn worse every day... once again
steven's not talking to me and i'm sittin over here waitin
for him to put his friggin away msg off... and of course he
never does. and even if he does i dnt have the courage to
IM him anyway... why oh why do i care so much?

and then you go to Ivan, college boi... some 1 kill me why
cant i find a guy my own friggin age? stevenz 16 and Ivanz
17 and why the hell isn't anyone 15?? gosh, i'm not even 15
yet... i'm still 14. well... 2 more monthz 2 go and then i
can count it as a another year to add to my krappi boring
peice of shit life...

school starts in 5 daiz i think its five daiz... o hell, i
dnt care anymore. all it meanz is me trying to hide my
feelings more and more everydai at school, now wont this b

i'll kry silently so no one'll have to put up with me... hey
look- kristin, you wont be alone now.