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2001-07-18 03:54:33 (UTC)

Crazy Night!

Tonight... I went skating with Adam, his cousin( Michael ),
Autumn, Britt, Brittany, Bekah, and Jessica!
It started out great, and got worse! PPL who were making a
first impression becauze they had never met before, weren't
them selves,( and I will not tell reasons, becauze they are
confidential ) so now friends are mad at friends! And
every1 wuz confused! But in the end, every1 wuz ok! All the
way until I wuz at home and back on the fone wit Adam!
C/S... When I got home... I dont think I wuz supposed to
have the ice cream, or the coke I had either! But
instead... I walked right past my mom and grandmother wit
the food i wuz not supposed to have! Then I basically
ruined my self when drew attention... LAUGHING!!!!!
Well... when I did this... I dropped the fone, when I wuz
talking to Adam... but I waited to get the fone, cauze
iknew my parents would take the ice cream, but not the
fone, so I hid the food, and went back to get poor Adam who
had been waiting on the fone, which had fallen on the
stairs! Then I got to eat my ice cream, and talk to Adam on
the fone!

~*Mallory*~... aka... Mallerdee!