2002-08-29 15:55:45 (UTC)

so depressed

I've never done anything just because a crowd does it.
That's not the way my mind works. I do my own thing, but I
guess people dont understand that. We have a freshman
welcome dance at my school before school starts, and
everybody kept telling me to go, but I kept saying no.
They'd pull that, "Everybody is going" on me, and I got
really sick of it, because not everybody was going. I'm
not really into the whole socializing thing. I'm shy, what
can I say? It's hard for me to socialize and even if i do
i have to be surrounded by people I know really well. so
now i have my "best friend" mad at me, juss becuz she
called me 15 minutes bfore it even started and asked to go,
then hung up when i said no. IM SO ANNOYED, AND IM LOSING

yours truly,