Jess's Journal
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2002-08-29 15:30:51 (UTC)

ok..good news

well i have lots of good news.
One: i was invited to join the waukesha firebirds fastpitch
softball team. and that's like a major thing. hehe. go me.
Two: I think i just might have a date for homecoming. wink
wink. if i send for someone, he will come. like send a limo
to get him. my sweetie. i miss him when we don't get to
talk. it's like the longest time of my life.

well i guess i only had two good things. but hey..it's a
lot when u usually have one or none. so go me. well i know
i haven't written in this for awhile. and i'm sure when
school starts..it will be few and far between but hey..it's
all good.