Jena's Rants
2002-08-29 15:09:34 (UTC)

It's so depressing when I get these reminders............

It's so depressing when I get these reminders to update my
online diary. This was a necessary task only when I had
plenty of time to waste fascinating about evil plots the
government was making against the human race to aid in the
capture of alien races that would replicate their
technology here for the purpose of changing the seasons at
irregular intervals or making never ending gobstoppers that
really never ended! Now I am expecting a baby any day now
and I have much more important things on my mind, like
which is the best way to hold my baby when he is breast
feeding and when I can begin bathing him. Those old
mutterings were drug induced paranoia. I'm really not that
interesting anymore, so someone tell someone who sends
these reminders not to send them to me.