can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-08-29 15:00:32 (UTC)

just one of those days

where you want to lie in bed, snuggled deep into a thick
comoforter, ignoring the world.
its rainy and dreary and while i love this type of weather
i'd rather be in bed then having to go to work in a couple
hours, with nothing better to read right now then summer
reading. jane eyre...good book, but not now. ooh, actually,
i am in the middle of anita shreve's "strange fits of
passion." if only the industrial park would stop being so
freaking loud!
and i have to call to make an appt. to get the preview of
my sr. portraits...either the line is busy or nobody picks
up. bastards.
work today...w/ peg...life sucks sometimes.
6 days till school starts. my schedules shit this year, but
it'll be fun. nothing first period, which means i don't
have to go in. then yearbook pro/gym, virtual high school
(creative writing) digital art, british lit, pre-calc and
psych. a joke, but i love all of my classes. might end up
w/ latin 4 as independent study. ugh. dunno yet. will see.
obviously i have nothing interesting to see. going shopping
this weekend-gonna blow my paycheck. woohoo! school
clothes, a purse, shoes the whole nine yards. good fun. i'm
a senior, why not indulge?
9 months and i'm done w/ high school. thank god.

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