All my thoughts, crazy they may be...
2001-07-18 03:12:30 (UTC)

In the Mists of Avalon

Well, what did you think? hmmmm! I liked it alot. The
book of course was much better but considering how the long
the book is and trying to cram that in a three hour
miniseries for television, I think they did a pretty good

Enough on that, I just got done reading my emails, and well
I received one from a reliable source and it was in regards
to "Religious Freedom Concerns". It seems the government
and others (that I will not name) are at it again. Here I
will quote a part of the email for you.

"Should religious organizations receiving tax payer money
for the operation of social service agencies be allowed to
engage in employment discrimination based on religion?

A bill, HR 7, called the "Community Solutions Act," would
make this form of discrimination legal."

So what next? where does it stop? When will they see we
have brought the old ways back before, and we will continue
to bring them forward. Why can't we all just get
along? "Aaauuugggghhhh!

There are so many ways that I feel the people of US are
losing their rights and freedom but at times I am also very
respectful and proud to be a US Citizen.

If you were to look at me, I am human, I am a woman, I am a
wife, I am a mother, I am a professional, I am a good
neighbor, I am a good citizen, I pay taxes, I vote, I care
for my fellow brother/sister, I do what I can to help and I
try to protect the earth but I am also a Witch. I am
Pagan, I believe in the Goddess, God, Elements, Ancestors,
Faery Folk, Dragons and much more. I believe in the Old
Ways. So, now knowing all this does that make me less of a
wife, mother, woman, human being, neighbor, professional or
citizen. Does that mean I can no longer vote, pay taxes,
care for my fellow brother/sister?

Does this make sense? This why people want to be a US
citizen, they want the freedom. I do too! The right to
choose my faith, should still be my freedom. This is just
another way of trying to push us back. They can't burn us,
they can't hang us, they can't torture us, so they will
descriminate against us. Hmmm! Now is that Christian
like? Somehow since I was raise Catholic, I don't think

Seriously, what will it be next... For all who read this
and give a damn whenther you are Pagan or just believe in
the right to choose your spiritual faith, please check out
this website. Here is some more on the topic. More
details about the bill, also known as "Faith-Based and
Community Initiatives Bill" are on-line:

Well, I think I have vented enough.... Bright Blessings!