Tracy's Life

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2002-08-29 06:27:57 (UTC)

Arg..Why does life have to be soo complicated...


Wow, can you belive that i will soon be in grade 12,
unbelivbal I think, what is really getting on my nervs tho,
is oh you don't look like your in grade's like look
people i know that i don't look it, do you have to keep
saying it! Arg! All well at least there is a good side to
this all...that I will look younger when i am older, But
there is stil a part of me inside, that i want to look way
older! I hate this soo much, i don't want to look like i
just came out of grade 8 b/c i am not, i am way more
grownup! why can't i show it, how can i show it! Well,
today, I spent the day with my really good freind Adam, it
was soo weird thre today, we went to his school to go check
out his classes, It was really hard for me to go there, i
am really upset with him leaving my school i have cryed
abotu it a lot, but it's for the best, I would rather him
be happy then sad. Anyways, I have planned to go shopping
tommrowo, but my good freind cannceld on me b/c she would
rather teach some guy tto play guitar, and i was accually
looking farward to going...guess i will just have to go
with sombody else, but who....eveyrbody is busy!