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2002-08-29 05:38:11 (UTC)

Entry the First: With a Bang.

This is my last year at Elizabethtown College. I'm 21, a
Communications major (Art minor), love drawing, music, and
TV (work for the 24-hour cable-access college station),
have had the perfect girlfriend for 2 1/2 years, and am
looking forward to a great, if busy, semester.

My schedule is easy. I have Monday off, one class on
Wednesday (at 6:30PM), once on Friday I just added
(guitar), and I die on Tuesday and Thursday. No biggie.
Lots of free time, stress-free classes. . .save one:
Senior Seminar. This is a capstone course, testing
everything I've learned as a Commie by making me work with
a client on a project, keep a detailed journal, make a
portfolio and write a 5-chapter paper on the whole thing.
Yeah, it's do-able. . .but I'm a mass media student. I
study video, audio, writing. . .but the restrictions of a
class don't allow me to choose a project or client very
easily, as it is tailored more for PR or corporate Com
students. So this battle begins in class tomorrow over why
I, who could out-promotional video any PR student in that
class, can't do a promotional video for a client that I'd
be very interested in. In fact, we really don't know what
we can do. . .perhaps nothing at all. Everything's PR when
it comes down to it. But whatever, I'll gripe more about
that later.

This is my journal. I'll be using it to remember my
experiences from my senior year (I have kept one before but
fell out of it for a while), both for myself and my
friends. It'll be filled with stories about who I am, what
I'm thinking, what I like or don't like, etc. If you're
reading this, I hope you enjoy your strange, voyeuristic
intrusion on my personal life. I won't be holding anything
back, and I'm gonna' have some fun.

-----MISC. INFO----

Today's TV: All My Children (Melissa made me, I swear),
American Idol (go, Kelly), Conan.

Today's Memorable Quote(s):
-Britcher: "You mean it's not "Commun-IQUE?" (3 years
and she didn't realize it ends in a "kay"
sound instead of an "eek." Love you, Ash.

-Dont' you hate those papers they stuff inside new shoes?
-Would Dr. Wennberg buy 480 Diet Pepsi Twist lollipops?
-Everyone hates Sem already. . .I will soon. But not yet.
-Isn't the end of a day depressing?

-Prof. Hersh gave me her cell-phone number. (Sigh!)

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