De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-07-18 01:55:10 (UTC)

Gettin on the System

Previous Updates:

Back from Amber's room, DJ was busy reading his JAVA
tutorials in Chinese and he asked me to explain some of the
terms in JAVA. Did that and also showed him my previous
work in the earlier programmin modules in my laptop. He was
quite impressed of our standard at NUS i tink....

11/07/2001 Wednesday 2029hrs

Next day, I woke up late again!!! got dressed quickly and
chomped down 2 toasts and a cappucino. The coffee machine
here is fantastic. Just place the cup under the nozzle and
press the type of coffee or chocolate drink u wanna, voila,
instant coffee brew in seconds... not bad-tasting too...

Met the usual pple again, beginnin to see more of Huiwen,
XiuXiu, Kun Yao from M'sia and Carrie from Shanghai.
They're all BCA Students. We then proceed to Hunter
Building for the 1st year orientation briefing. Hunter
builidng is the main building of the campus. It's grandeur
look is quite awe-aspiring.. Inside, it looks like an
interior of Raffles Hotel.. Naturally, the building houses
the office of the Vice-Chancellor .. and the main offices...

Me and YL then infiltrated the 1st year orientation
meeting..Although we are already 3rd year students...we
still feel like a freshmen here... There was a panel of 4
senior students, each desctibing their freshmen experience
to the crowd. Their backgrounds are realli diverse. You
have the regular law international student, a mother of 3
kids, and a Masters student. One of em realli looked like
Tina from Survivor2, as pointed out by YL. The talk was
rather candid and quite beneficial to us.

At post-talk tea reception, we bumped into Shona, the Assoc
Dean of Students, again.. I;m quite surprised that she remembered me.
Everthing is so personalised here.. Anway i picked up lotsa brochures
for my sis and oso one on a new course titled "Antartica: Unfreezing
the Continent" i thot it'll be realli cool to take up a completely
unrelated course. Afterall you cant find such a course back home.
Plus we're onli a few hours flight away from Antartica, the module
has a field hmmmm......we'll see about dat...

We bumped into Young again. He's taken up film modules and will be
attendinf the 30th Wellington Annual Film Festival. Maybe i'll ask
him about it. Been thinkin of catchin 1 or 2 movies.. One of the
movies is abouot the life of Stanley Kubrick...all the way till his
death 2 years ago....We also met Stan, a young man from Michigan ,
USA. He's also staying at Weir House and is also a Comp Sci/Chemistry
Double Major. Looked realli smart to me....

After the talk, we finally went for our was pretty
fast and the pple there were pretty friendly... Pple here always ask
each other how their day is, no matter whether they really care abt
it or not, it felt nice to me... But, the enrollment centre forgot
about my refund!! shucks... gotta go back again tomoro....

Lunch time at Weir House, Pizza!!.. not bad...cos i was very
hungry... at lunch, there's also a salad it's like eatin at
Ponderosa everyday... : P

After lunch, we went for this realli BORING library tour, omigosh,
the librarian muz be the most boring Kiwi i met so far... atypical,
specs, soft-spoken.... nevertheless.. the highlight of the tour was
the library's collection of ancient books housed in a grand wooden
cabinet at the higher the way the library is 9 levels
high, and is the official depository of Wellington... I found a
realli old copy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice...but cant
borrow it.... cos these books are so fragile that they're onli for
research purposes...

Went to the Rec Centre after the tour, bumped into Frank again..He
seems to be settling down well too... YL wanted to join in the
aerobics class...well for me, i'll rather go for weights or
swimming... swimming sounds cold in the winter..but i'm getting used
to the cold here..In fact, i'm juz wearing a T-shirt and my
windbreaker today....The onli thing that matters is the wind
here..very gutsy..and makes it hard for us to climb up the slope to
the campus....

Soon we're back at Weir House for dinner...Joined by our new
friends,, mostly from Msia... M'sia has this special twinning
programme wit Vic..where students get to spend their final year of
their tetiary education in Vic and graduate with a Vic
lucky of em...

nothing much after dinner, except i helped Yu Chen, another
Shanghainese in ABHouse wit his VCD problem... I juz installed my
GDivX player for him and problem's solved..hehe...this little proggy
is realli useful huh.....

Sleepin time...more updates soon.... check back later...


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