The Daily Babble
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2001-07-18 01:18:55 (UTC)

Its been a while... the last time I wrote was on Saturday...a few
things have happened since then...

On Sunday, my family had a ceremony thing that was
preformed by my dad..this time it was cuz my dad got a job,
so that was nice. I took lots of pictures....That
afternoon my sister went shopping and then that evening we
had a lil Indian barbeque. That was kinda fun. I got a
picture of my parents playing badminton and most everyone
was in good spirits.

Jeff and I talked a lil bit that nite but I let him go
early since Monday was his first day at work! ...

So Monday, he actually called me on his lunch break, even
though it was only for a few minutes, but we talked and he
was having a good day so I was glad. Then we both went
back to work. I had a pretty busy day and later that nite
I talked to Jeff again and then Nimra called me. She
offered me a raise if I would do some of the Insurance work
that no one likes to do...and today it was
confirmed...Starting next week, I'll be making $12 an
hour! So that's pretty awesome.

I talked to Jeff on the cell today and now I'm waiting for
him on-line, but if he doesn't show soon, I'm just gonna
get to bed, so talk to you all later! Sorry this entry's
so boring! Hehe..G'nite