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2001-07-18 01:17:18 (UTC)

could today have been more boring?

today pretty much sucked. i rearranged my room and nearly
got killed doing it. larissa was supposed to come over
tonight but things got messed up... AGAIN. she's kinda
starting to make me mad... but i don't wanna let myself be
mad at her. she's my best friend and we've never been in a
real fight so why create one out of something stupid?
YESTERDAY: yesterday melissa came over. i haven't seen
her in weeks. we chilled and had fun, and almost got hit by
a car... :) then we saw 'legally blonde.' it was really good
in my opinion. i was supposed to see it on friday with
larissa and jared, but we didn't. then i was supposed to see
it on saturday with larissa and jared... but, we didn't. so
i was like 'fuck this' and went with melissa. larissa and
jared got, like, jokingly mad at me. but whatev... their own
faults. okay... well, again, today sucked. i hope tomorrow
is better. PEACE, LOVE, AND PUNK ROCK. *bree