§titch my wri§ts heal my wounds

46 §titche§ acro§§ my wri§t§
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2002-08-29 03:18:21 (UTC)


i had him whipped now he has me whipped!!!!!! OH GOD CALL

Sk8erChick2004: theres my ryan!!!!!
Sk8erChick2004: long time no talk
Sk8erChick2004: i missed you!!!
Sk8erChick2004: how was ur day?
Sk8erChick2004: what
SpOrTStUdRyN333: way ebtte now that i talekd to you:)
SpOrTStUdRyN333: i got a minor concution
Sk8erChick2004: awww
Sk8erChick2004: i feel bad
Sk8erChick2004: did u cry
SpOrTStUdRyN333: why?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: nno
SpOrTStUdRyN333: my head jsuw ent black
SpOrTStUdRyN333: and i cabn only member the first play
when i got it..and the last like 5 plays:(
Sk8erChick2004: i feel bad b/c u got hurt and i couldnt
come to ur rescue and give u hugs and kisses and make u
feel all better
Sk8erChick2004: i woulda came if it wasnt raining :(
SpOrTStUdRyN333: it's ok hunni
SpOrTStUdRyN333: i still love you
Sk8erChick2004: awww thats so cute!!!!!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: :-*
Sk8erChick2004: so who u gettin jess hooked up with?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: im not sure yet
Sk8erChick2004: oh okays
Sk8erChick2004: she looked sad today
SpOrTStUdRyN333: i forgot to look today..i was siked for
the scrimmage..then i got hurt:(
SpOrTStUdRyN333: my ankel poped otu again...and fuckin
hurt..so now i hafta rap ti everyday
SpOrTStUdRyN333: :(
Sk8erChick2004: aww muh poor baby! im ganna come over and
make u feel all better!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: im waiting
SpOrTStUdRyN333: ;-)
Sk8erChick2004: i wish!!!!!!! me & abe were talkin bout u
today...lol and ur ex g/f's
SpOrTStUdRyN333: im rapping it right now
SpOrTStUdRyN333: abe?
Sk8erChick2004: weakland he sits with me in chem.
SpOrTStUdRyN333: haha
SpOrTStUdRyN333: kool
SpOrTStUdRyN333: whend o u have classes down in the
middle school?
Sk8erChick2004: next term i think
Sk8erChick2004: i lost my schedule
Sk8erChick2004: so what did u buy at walmart?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: stuff for ym head.ankel rap..and a
Sk8erChick2004: lol
SpOrTStUdRyN333: yea
SpOrTStUdRyN333: want to hear my sexy voice
SpOrTStUdRyN333: haha
Sk8erChick2004: yes actually i do lets have phone sex!
Sk8erChick2004: did u ever go out with a gurl named...
Sk8erChick2004: heather hurley?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: sixth grade
SpOrTStUdRyN333: y
Sk8erChick2004: oh j/w
Sk8erChick2004: i wish i was with u right now im so alone
here i would make it worth ur while if u came!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: what u up to?
Sk8erChick2004: then we could talk face to face and not
screen to screen lol and we could maybe have fun under the
covers lmao!
Sk8erChick2004: im talkin to u and jess not much else
SpOrTStUdRyN333: yeah straight up hunni!!!!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: kool
SpOrTStUdRyN333: im jus sittin here in my boxer's and
trying to get rid of my headache
Sk8erChick2004: do u have any classes near the anex? or
is ur locker there?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: my locker is there...and i have one
class upstairs..and 2 down stairs
Sk8erChick2004: whats ur locker number...
SpOrTStUdRyN333: 62
SpOrTStUdRyN333: up stairs
Sk8erChick2004: i can slip u a sexy note in between
classes (if i can find it)
SpOrTStUdRyN333: when?
Sk8erChick2004: like 3rd period 4 me (around lunch)
SpOrTStUdRyN333: damn i wish i was with you...i miss you
so damn bad
Sk8erChick2004: awww i wish i were there (id give u
evrything u ever dreamed about)
SpOrTStUdRyN333: you going to the Game?
Sk8erChick2004: im not sure everyones begging me 2 go
SpOrTStUdRyN333: i c
Sk8erChick2004: jess, heather, amanda
Sk8erChick2004: & sabrina
SpOrTStUdRyN333: amanda?
Sk8erChick2004: burgett
Sk8erChick2004: why what amanda did u think it was?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: yea i wont even be talkin to if u see
me...i have afeeling..b.c. that's what all my other g.f.
did to me:(
SpOrTStUdRyN333: i was jus wondering hun
Sk8erChick2004: awww i would talk to you
Sk8erChick2004: id spend the whole night with you
Sk8erChick2004: but not discluding my friends
SpOrTStUdRyN333: :-........r u sureeeE?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: yea
Sk8erChick2004: absolutly!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: u want to call me sweeti?
Sk8erChick2004: i miss u... id never let go of you if i
went... maybe its not a good idea if i go lol
Sk8erChick2004: i cant
SpOrTStUdRyN333: why wouldnt it be a good idea?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: why cant ya call?¿:(
Sk8erChick2004: phones in my sleeping mothers room... its
not a good idea b/c i wouldnt want to leave again b/c i
wouldnt know when id see you again
Sk8erChick2004: id cry...
SpOrTStUdRyN333: so wha r u saying u prob wont go?
Sk8erChick2004: i might it depends on a lot of things
going on this weekend
SpOrTStUdRyN333: i want you to go hun...
SpOrTStUdRyN333: dont let me down....b.c. all my friends
r like Ryan show me ur g.f.
SpOrTStUdRyN333: cuz i talk bout you 24/7
Sk8erChick2004: ill go 4 you, if thats what u want (i
feel like im whipped)
Sk8erChick2004: lol
SpOrTStUdRyN333: sorry
SpOrTStUdRyN333: dont go then
SpOrTStUdRyN333: do what ya wanna do...

Sk8erChick2004: no ill go i love you!!!!!!!! dont do
Sk8erChick2004: ugh!
Sk8erChick2004: i got prom comittee too ill have to fit
everything in
Sk8erChick2004: it'll all be good!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: nooo...listen i dont care if u dont
go,,,it's just that i miss you so damn bad..and if u dont
go i doudt we will see each other that hole week
SpOrTStUdRyN333: end
SpOrTStUdRyN333: but that is up to
you.....b.c. i ahte when gurlz say they feel
Sk8erChick2004: i wish i wasnt always so damn busy
Sk8erChick2004: id spend all my time with u if i could
Sk8erChick2004: i wish u went to my school :(
SpOrTStUdRyN333: i will just go and sit wiht Rj's parents
the whole damn time.lol:'(
Sk8erChick2004: aww no u can sit with jess and amanda and
if i go we can go get lost in the trees lol
SpOrTStUdRyN333: yea
Sk8erChick2004: :-D
SpOrTStUdRyN333: serisouly!!!!dont go just because i said
too..i mean it will just be lonely without you......but i
can deal with it...
SpOrTStUdRyN333: welp hey i g2g...mom is bitchin
Sk8erChick2004: ok goodnight
Sk8erChick2004: ill call you
SpOrTStUdRyN333: Love You:-*
SpOrTStUdRyN333: when?
Sk8erChick2004: if i cant get through tomorrow
Sk8erChick2004: 8?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: o tommorow
SpOrTStUdRyN333: ight i will be off
Sk8erChick2004: yea not tonight :(
SpOrTStUdRyN333: of here
Sk8erChick2004: okays!!!!
Sk8erChick2004: cant wait!!!!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: yea
Sk8erChick2004: tell ur mom i said hello
SpOrTStUdRyN333: c~ya hun
Sk8erChick2004: byes sweetie
SpOrTStUdRyN333: Sweet Dreamz
Sk8erChick2004: u 2!!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: she said hey hunnni
Sk8erChick2004: lol
SpOrTStUdRyN333: P.S.
Dont go to the game if u dotn feel like it...i dotn want to
whip you............
Sk8erChick2004: lol
SpOrTStUdRyN333: write me if you can
Sk8erChick2004: i will