life's a bitch..it just had puppies
2001-07-18 01:07:04 (UTC)

my perfect weekend, gone bad

my weekend was planned to be "perfect"...my friends and i
had everything planned out..nikkis party on friday, and
cosmic bowling afterwards, then on saturday, esters party,
and i didnt know it until i got there but brad(the one that
drives) said his brothers friend got us into a club, oh
sure it sounded great at the time, older guys, drinking,
you know the stuff that people think i DONT do. but they
were wrong i do, do that stuff, just not every flipping
weekend, so i went, i figured, since i didnt tell my mom
when i was going to be home everything would be just peachy
keen. so we got there, and it didnt seem what i thought it
would be like. no one was really there yet becuase it was
too early and it just sucked, i stayed there for about an
hour, and brad finally took me and my sis home...now when i
walked in the door...trying to be quiet...my dog barked,
and wouldnt stop, and my mom came running out of the living
room and started screaming at me, asking me where i was,
becuase she was talking to annas brother on the phone and
he said anna's been home for 45 min, and i was supposed to
come home w/her...well i couldnt because i wasnt w/her, she
was back at the party...and i had no plan what-so-ever, and
i said i just stayed at the party longer, and she obviously
didnt believe that because anna was the last one to
leave....so i just stuck to my story and swore i wasnt
telling the truth because i cant say something then say "ok
that wasnt good enough, let me try another one"...so i
should have made up a better excuse and she knew i was
lying and that i wasn't at the party....and i still havent
told her, and im grounded until i do..which sux, because
there is no way in hell that im going to tell her...i have
to come up w/ ANOTHER lie, something good enough for her to
believe.....the only easy way out, was to never go at all..
a very confused christy