Day to Day
2001-07-18 00:37:06 (UTC)


Most girls have to deal with them and there is no way of
getting them out of your mind. My question to all is, why
are men so hard to understand? I have dated this guy for 3-
4 years off and on, and it wasn't getting serious until
this year. To make a long story short, he dumped me and I
am so confused on why. I know that he has problems at home
and I know that when we broke up he got in some deep crap
and I couldn't see him. Thats why I thought he dumped me.
But now he's not grounded anymore and it seems that he
doesn't want me back. I love him deeply but I have doubts
about whether it would work or not. The key to
relationships is communication and in our relationship
there was none. Maybe Im just thinking about myself but I
just need a sign or something that will tell me or not if
we were ment to be. Fate brings us together but then pulls
us apart I don't know what to do any more.

Life pulls me from both ends
In which direction I will end up is unkown
I want to believe in fate I want to believe in love
Just life is taking me on a back rode
Full of holes that are taking a toll on me
I wish I knew where my life was going
So things wouldn't be so confusing.