*~?~* Amy's Journal *~?~*
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2002-08-29 02:27:12 (UTC)

Temper,Temper !¡! / Love is an amazing thing....

As I sit here and drinking my p and v with CUBED ice
(Grrr...)and think back apon 2day....WoW.....what a
day...if you read my last 2 entries that explains my early
half the day.But the part that is really like the
last couple hours.

Like ok I am talking to Krista on the phone...and she was
supposed to make her sister soup for dinner,but her sister
wanted to wait for her mom to get home and eat dinner.So
Krista just continued talking to me,and like 15 mins later
Amanda (her sister)comes out yelling and screaming that she
is hungry and wants food now!¡!And like she is totally
throwing this fit,throwing things,yelling I hate you,and
shit like that.So Krista fought with her a bit,then she
finally went in and poured the soup in the pot,but it turns
out Amanda didn't want that kind,and started the throw
another fit.By that time her mom came home and delt with
her.But when I got off the phone with Krista,my sister came
home from her friends house,and I was online and talking on
the phone at the same time,and my sister wanted to use the
phone,so i told her wait a few mins and let me finish my
convo,but NO!¡! she had to have the phone rite then,and she
started throwing a fit,and was yelling and saying I get
treated better than her and all this shit to my mom,then
doors started slamming,and music was blaring.Ok like
pple,if you want sumthin wait your turn,or till when the
person has sumtime,I am sure if u asked me nicely I would
do it,but if I say in like 5 or 10 mins,respect
that...cause if you start throwing fits that gets u no
where with me and alot of pple I know,like when I think you
are acting your age,and mature to handle what u are asking
me to do I will do it.But if your gonna fucking flip out
everytime I say no,or tell you to wait a few mins,then fuck
u,cause obviously your not acting your age,or mature enough
to handle whatever u ask me to do.And a lil advice to
temper-mental pple like that get sum sleep,and stop being
so damn SELFISH.Respect yourself,the pple around u,and what
u have,cause you may not have it one day.

anyways moving is amazing and powerful
thing..I dunno how many of u reading this,have really been
in love,I know sum of you say you have been in luv,but
think about it have you really?¿?....anyways...all I have
to say is,I have never been happier in my life,b4 me and
Dave got 2gether this time,we were really close,like
2gether without benefits basicly is the way we put it.Now
that we have all thos "benefits" its amazing.Being able to
hugg him,kiss him,lay in his arms,etc...without having to
worry about pple noticing is the best and so reliefing.I
feel so much happier with him,love is so powerful,I never
thought I would be fully happy again,be motvatied to
achieve my goals in life,or move on from my horrible past
but this whole relationship with him as done it.Most of
pain,hurt,and problems have gone,just like u promised me
sugarbear.I luv u.

anyways thats about it....I am gonna sleep 2nite and
2morrow....YaY.....luv y'all...TtYl...

~*¤*~ Amy ~*¤*~