I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-08-29 02:09:02 (UTC)

So it turns out I hate my job

Yes. I do. It sucks. The management doesn't look after its
employees. And that bites. They are only about getting as
much work out of them with the least amount invested. Not
cool in my book. The employees are the ones who know where
ever item in the store is, how to use every machine, and
who the regular customers are. Without them, the store
would fall apart. I mean, I've only been there for 3 days
and I can see that.

So, I'm job hunting yet again. Hopefully, I will find
something better than this one, and that pays more that $7
an hour for a full time position.

The customers suck too. Who the hell really eats all that
organic crap? I mean, why do you buy carrots with the tops
on them? You just cut them off anyway. Too bitter to eat!
Sure, it looks pretty, but you just spent 75% more for the
pretty green leaves! Jackoff.

When I come home, I'm exausted, sad, unhappy, and
depressed. I've already been exausted, sad, unhappy, and
depressed for too long not on purpose. I don't need to be
doing something that makes me feel that way purposely.

Damn the system.