Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-08-29 01:58:10 (UTC)

all you ever wanted to know

1. Name: ben

2. What guys call you: ben

3. What girls call you: the hottest boy in the world...
(wishful thinking maybe)
4. What your parents/family calls you: ben
5. Birth City: morrow

6. Hospital: i dont know

7. Time: right now? 925

8. Number of times you've moved: 0

9. Birthday: september 25

10. Age: 21
11. Height: 5 11 maybe

12. Weight: hollywood stars pressure me to be dangerously

13. Blood Type: does it say on your drivers lisence...

14. Grade: a

15. Classes for next year: no thanks

16. School: is not for rockstars

17. Siblings (whole/step/half and ages): one whole sister 19

18. Parents married or divorced: married

19. How is your room decorated: very well for what i have
to work with

20. What kind of cell phone do you have: the broken kind
21. Pets: no
22. Screenname(s): none for you

23. What is your eye color: blue

24. What is your hair color: white black brown etc.
26. What size shoe do you wear: 9 or 10

SECTION TWO: What's your favorite..........

1. Food: crab legs

2. Drink: crown coke rootbeer

3. Fruit: watermelon

4. Vegetable: nah..

5. Color(s): black blue red

6. Cologne/perfume: what!

7. Part of the opposite sex: umm...face

8. Stuffed animal: squirrel?
9. Mall: mall of america sounds fun
10. Candle scent: cinnamon

11. Store: clothing warehouse
13. Current song: harder to breathe: Maroon5
14. Gum: big league chew watermellon
15. Movie: princess bride

16. Actor: ben stiller

17. Actress: dagmara

18. Animal: bunnies

19. TV channel: mtv2

20. TV show: the braves game
21. Radio station: the ones that play our songs
22. Rapper: dre/ emminem
24. Soundtrack: mulin rouge

25. Class: algebra I in 12th grade...
26. Article of Clothing: express jeans
27. Flower: no
28. Holiday: labor day

29. Day of the week: all my days of the week run together

30. Month: this month

31. Season: fall

32. City: atl. or la if i ever go there

33. State:

34. Vacation spot: beach

35. Age to be:21
36. College football team: no

37. Comedy: zoolander

38. Cartoon: ace and gary

39. Place to drive around: anywhere

40. Blanket: blue

41. Car: flashy red ones
42. Eye color: i dont discriminate

43. Hair color: see above

44. Pen ink color: black

45. Shoes that you own: all stars
46. Computer game: lhx

47. Quote: it is better to say nothing and be assumed
foolish than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. or
something like that

SECTION THREE: Person who...

1. Is your best friend: aaron
2. You want to go out with: christina

4. Teases you the most: aaron..negative reinforcement

5. You hate the most: i try not to hate anybody

6. Makes you laugh the hardest: mark

7. Makes you cry: nobody.. i have no emotions
8. Makes you smile: people at our shows
10. Has your same clothing style: people who copy me. i
started all trends in fashion that i am a part of

11. Is most like you personality wise: aaron

12. You lie to: again..i try not to lie much

13. Calls you the most: aaron

14. You wish you never met: people that stalk me

15. Wears you out: nobody recently

16. You love to hate: nah

17. You hate to love: nah

18. Go to for advice: aaron. harv

20. Trust the most: aaron. harv rahootay
21. Care for the most: everybody

22. Love:rahootay

SECTION FOUR: Random Questions requiring long answers...

1. How do yah take complements? with a grain of salt

2. Thing about girls/guys that makes you wanna hug them to
bits: um. hot girls i guess

3. Thing you fear more than anything else: the baseball

4. Thing that makes you uncomfortable: people making out in

5. Pet Peeve: people i dont want to talk to

6. Thing you can do that no one else knows about: i dont

7. Thing you dislike about your relatives: i dont like how
my grandmother tells me im going to hell every time i see

Last question, I swear, What is the meaning of life?: get
really drunk and have unprotected sex with many annonymous
partners while doing interveinous drugs at the same time....

no its not true.

the real meaning of my life is to meet christina a and
marry her.