2002-08-29 01:48:37 (UTC)

hmmmm im feeling lonely and i..

im feeling lonely
and i need to stop it.

alli called me tonight. it was so good to hear from her. i
miss her. and i didnt really realize how much until she
called. i love her so much.
she was sad though. i could tell. and that wasnt very
cool. neither was the reasoning behind it. infact it made
me angry. and i went off. more so than i probably should
have. these lines are so very hard for me to recognize

i went to dennys tonight. after work. it was raining so
much that i couldnt/didnt want to drive home. so i went
there and i sat down in one of the big booths. three girls
were seated right across from me like 5 mins after i sat
down. they just happened to be lesbians. cute. and nice.
=) two of them were together and it was fucking adorable.
they were all black and cute and it was just great. they
eventually realized i was gay too and we talked for bit.
cute x two.

=) it was happy.

i got some homework done and then i left.
the people were really nice.

i just feel like i dont really have any friends anymore.
which is stupid i know. i know theyre there. its just that
EVERYONE seems SO far away now.

(9:40:39 PM): im lonely.
(9:40:45 PM): how come?
(9:40:47 PM): i dont like it.
(9:40:49 PM): i dunno.
(9:40:51 PM): just am.
(9:40:55 PM): wheres emily?
(9:41:02 PM): um tampa. where she lives.

god. people are dense.

allis gone. emilys gone. sergios gone. jennifers gone.
shauns gone.

and those are just the important ones.

i know ill eventually get used to this.
i mean i have enough shit to do to keep my mind busy
its just that sometimes its nice just to hug someone i
really care about. you know.
and i am so notorious for not calling people after they
god i hadnt even called alli.
i suck at this.

im sleepy.
days have been going by so quickly.