Dear God Shoot ME!
2001-07-17 22:56:23 (UTC)


well i see that everyone is happy i didnt decide
murder....just yet. Oh im sure you will all love this! My father is a homosexual. Yes thats right my
father who is married to my mother is gay. Know you would
think that would destroy a marriage...nope, I dont think my
mother even knows. The reason I know is because when i go
into history I see all of these gay porn sites, and my
mother doesnt use the computer. Also one time he left his
email open and i accidently read on of his
emails....accidently of course. It was this email from this
dude telling my dad when where and how, they were gonna do
it..(hang on while I vomit) Its not that I have anything
against gay ppl its just when one poses as my father and
cheats on my mother..i get angry. Like im sure many people
would. Oh one time he tried to convince me that i was
gay....and I was like..."uhhhh what?" I had no idea what to
say...(for the record im not) I mean really what do you say
to that? Its like being shot in the head, your dead, you
cant react. I wish i was shot in the head instead of him
saying that. talk about an akward moment. Ill be needing
lots and lots and lots of therapy when im older. Or ill
just become an alchoholic...which ever works better. Oh and about the
ellie situation, I wrote her one final email saying how i was done
playing childish games and how Im gonna grow up and she can do what
ever she wants and that I was gonna block her mail from me. In other
words i made it so she will leave me alone.
So what do you guys think about the info in this entry?

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