Four Rooms
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2002-08-29 00:13:31 (UTC)


Ah, school! Back in session and just as crappy as last
year, if not worse. It seems that our brilliant
administrators have decided to put in a new cafe floor. A
brilliant white with gray (or grey, i can never remember)
speckles and a large 'N' centered in the floor. One thing
they didn't take into account when placing the 'N' is the
10 ft wide walkway that goes through the cafe. The 'N'
should be centered on the walkway for aesthetic reasons,
but the administrators failed to realize the 'N' would
appear off-center.

Well, I have a tough schedule this year, but I think it's
going to be worth the effort. All throughout high school
I've had pretty easy schedule, even though I was in Honors
classes, but this year is different. I have an Advanced
Placement class scheduled, all of my full year courses are
Honors and my English teacher is tough, which for me, is

I think overall, that school this year will be tough, but
it will also be fun and good preparation for college.