Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
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2002-08-28 23:59:10 (UTC)

Never stable

hey, havent updated this in quite a long time. Now at
Lance's going out with Devon now, living with him. Stole my
moms car and drove 45 minutes to get here, returned the car
got in almost a fist fight with my mom, she finally got to
me, dont have any of my own clothes or anything, no money,
trying to get a job, feel kinda sick right now, life sucks
my salvation is devon the sweetest fucking kid, i love him
so much like ive never loved anyone else i cant describe
it, he's the best i guess thats the closest description.
Hopin to go to some concerts soon, Dev's bday is coming up
and i have no clue what i am going to do about it makes me
very very sad. I am very hungry now hoping we go home soon
and i want to sleep and get better i feel like poop...well
enough for now i dont feel like writing.

Song:DMX aint no sunshine