hvnlyhottie13z journal
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2002-08-28 23:57:20 (UTC)


Have you ever just wanted to be held by someone
that loves you as much as you love them? I feel
like this so much. I just want some one who loves
me. I need someone who is there to confort me
when I'm sad. Someone to make my life happy and
carefree. I've never had anyone actually love me..
this makes me feel kind of like shit..

like I'm worhtless.. like no one could ever love me
or care about me.. This lonely feeling gets so much
stronger everday.. I've been trying to just not think
about it because it makes me depressed and I have to go sit
in a corner of my room and listen to sad songs untill it
goes away so I can go on living.. but tonight its really
bugging me.. and I feel unloved.. and.. uncared about so
much right now.. Maybe I just need to get over it.. and try
to ignore it.. maybe I'm making myself be like this.. maybe
I'm making me feel sorry for myself.. oh god.. now I'm
confused. Does any of this make sence?


That's how I feel today.. Blah. I kinda feel unwanted
by my friends.. Everyone is out doing stuff. At least
everyone is HAPPY.. right? As long as everyone else is
HAPPY.. nothing else matters.. right? right.. ah..
I don't want to go to school nest wk.. I hate that
place.. I think everyone knows I hate school by now..
but I feel like bitching about it. All the happyness
from summer is now gone. I miss my friends.. :( Everyone
is with their boyfriends.. and girlfriends.. thats ok
though.. I knew this would happen.