Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
2001-07-17 22:42:13 (UTC)

Never go running when youre sick!

So, here i sit...listening to "Everyday" by Buddy Holly. Im
am so extremly bored right now. I fell asleep after lunch
and woke up at like 3:45. Lunch didnt hold over in my
stomach...*i know you all wanted to know that*, but i felt
so sick after it. Blek! So i then sat down after i was in
the bathroom forever...because they are poisoning me at the
hall, then went to the gym. That must've been a mistake
becuase i felt like i was going to pass out and throw up
all over the tredmill. Luckily...i didnt! Hooray for me!
Ha. I only ran for like 11mins though. It didnt feel like
the full out workout i usually have, but hey...its better
than falling over and making a fool of myself! Anyhoo...it
stormed...i guess...i was sleeping. I just remember asking
my roomie if it was raining and then turning into my pillow
and saying damnit. Haha. I guess i really wasnt feeling
good. And then...after the gym, id be damned if i went to
the dinning hall for dinner, so i went to Shively's to get
myself a diet peach snapple and a pita with
meat,cheese,lettuce, and some mayonaise. Mmm. Took the guy
friggen forever to make it though...i mean come on...i
could totally beat you in a pita making contest. 1st
place...LIZ! So i came back to my room to eat my wonderful
pita and my snapple. MMM diet peach snapple...im so
addicted to those! Anyhoo...i just keep thinking i only
have 3 days left. not even 3 full days. Im leaving at 10:30
am on friday. That means...i will be home around 2:30 -
3pm. Then i can unload the car, grab a shower, get pretty,
and go out with lisa. We're going to go out to dinner too.
Im going to pick out boys at Fridays...they ALWAYS have
nice boys. Fridays...haha...reminds me of the time i was
there with jessica, vicki, and amber. We ran into Chris
malone and some other people....thats when i had the hugest
crush on chris. HAHA!! Thatd be the day we'd ever be
friends again...he's mister big shot football player who
just wants play. I hate how people change. ANyhoo...im off.
I think its thundering, unless its whore mandi being loud
in her room again. Jeebus. Sorry this entry was just kinda
detarded and meaningless...but hey...whatever!

love to all...lizzie