Sammy's Life
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2002-08-28 22:05:44 (UTC)

College Apps!

Ohh Lordy Bee! Everything is sooooo damn frusterating!
I went to the counsler today to give him my transcript
form for Penn State and the line of peeps was 5 miles
long! But I eventually got in...I had to get 2 more
transcript forms for other colleges. I hope hope hope I
didnt screw the applications up because they are already
sent...i was in a hurry and pissed bc I hate computers
Anyway, I had a pretty good day today. Nothing too
exciting except I saw EB (this hott guy~Im using his
initials just in case) He was looking yummy and I think he
looked at wonder if he ever thinks of
me...Anyway, AJ who is on my bus he is soo hilarius(cant
spell)! And did I mention...gorgeous!! Haha but he would
never go for me bc I am way to shy and he is
outgoing...but opposites attract...right?? And...he isnt a
prep like the rest of 'em that I KNOW I can't have...ohh
gosh his eyes are amazing!Help! Geez I hate thinking! I
hate daydreaming bc my day dreams are always better than
real life.
Until Next Time America ~Sammy