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2002-08-28 19:54:58 (UTC)

PISSED RITE OFF...short entry....

Grrrr...I go to watch a movie on my dish like 10 mins
ago...yeah...fucking don't I call my
card dude in Belle River...Grrr....ain't no fix for my
card...discontinued signal for my type of basicly
I have to go buy a whole new like $500 card...which is a
bitch...and I am very pissed off cause these cards don't
come out for like 2 FUCK YOU direct
tv...couldn't you have just left the signal up for us
Canadians to enjoy your wonderful service,instead of having
to go threw piles of money to get it for free,and not have
to pay monthly for that shit bell express view,and whatever
other Canadian dish shit that is out there....but no you
dumbass amercians have to be jackasses don't ya...well
thanx a lot...see if I subscribe to your service when I
move to that states...

~*¤*~ Amy ~*¤*~