My Reality
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2002-08-28 18:37:18 (UTC)

Parents, what funny little creatures....

my folks are great, i do go back and forth on that issue a
alot but i think overall i am really blessed, and its sad
that i have to live away from them to notice that. at home
tension tends to mount and i get stuck in my own little
hell hole as my mother flips out on me and my father sticks
by her side. But now that i am back at college, i can look
at them both and say i really miss you both an love you
with all my heart and truly mean it. recently they have
had business problems and have been fairly upset with it.
i can understand that and i feel bad for it, but i called
after my first day of classes to just get a little pick me
up from them and i got yelled at. mom was so upset about
everything else she just blew me off, which put me into
hysterics. my first day back at collge and all i wanted to
do was talk to mom and dad, and in place of that i got
insulted and my feelings hurt.
well today is a new day, they came up brought me some
stuff i needed from home, took some of my extra boxes home
fro me, brought me lunch from mcdonalds, brought my puppies
up to see me at the dorm and mom even apologized
profusely. they are really great. dad even had a hard
time letting go when i gave him a hug goodbye. this is
what shocks the hell out of me from time to time. yeah
they are hard to live with now that i have had a taste of
living outside of the house, but when i step back an think
about it, they are the most understanding and loving
parents i could ask for. they have spoiled me and given me
everything i needed wanted and then some more. i love you