OhBaby It Is Me

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2002-08-28 18:07:00 (UTC)

Wednesday Morning

I personally am very proud at what I did today. I
made a huge step outwards of one of my insecurities. I
feel like a new person. I’m not exactly pleased at what
went on, I honestly didn’t mind it, but it could have been
a hell of a lot better. Alright, I better stop before
people start figuring out what I’m talking about. But I am
so happy with myself. Ok I’m a freakin nut! My Wal*Mart
pants are falling off. I’m wearing the shirt that my
mother f’ed all up and made some splotches pink while the
rest of the shirt is purple. Umm the rest of the day is
going to be boring compared to the morning I had. Umm that