Hell Yeaaah !
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2002-08-28 17:52:04 (UTC)

A long journey

Dear Diary
I never had a diary when I was a child. Now that I'm
slowly turning into an adult, I guess it's time fort me to
take time to write things down, slow them down
sometimes ... So here I am ... nearly 22 years old, a
typical french girl, third year at University ... My profile is
just like paradise ain't it ? But it truly is not. I haven't
seen my father for 10 long years, I keep dumping guys I
love because I'm so scared, I lost a baby last year, I
smoke too much, drink too much, spend too much time
on the net, watching stupid shows ... I feel like my brain
is being deshydrated ...
But still .. life's not that bad ... ups and down as you
could say.
Today was real shit to me. This guy came up to me in a
Chat Room using my ex's nickname and started
chatting me up like in the old times. I got really mad at
him, called my ex in tears ... and cried all afternoon in a
giant hot bath ... The good point is that I'm now on
speaking-terms again with my Ex. He's so sweet. I
sometimes wonder why I ever dumped him. Perhaps
because he loved me so much, that he lived so far
away from me ... and that I fet I had no future with him. I
feel stupid right now.
But I guess I will go through this, like every time I do
something stupid or take the wrong road ...

Got to Go

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