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2001-07-17 20:43:34 (UTC)

be me

im free and youre not me
i hate you right now
but tomorrow youll be better
and ill be happy
and we will live our happy little pathetic lives with the
ups and downs.
youll be sad
ill be sad
i hate all of this
people suck.
and i am no better.
we are all selfish.
i know no one who is selfless.
tattoos mark my skin
too much furthur and you might win
and i might be wrong
but youll never be right.
i dont want to talk.
you just want to fight.
fight with the concepts of consequences
fight with your mother and your insecurititys.
i want to be a hermit.
i want to be alone.
im tired of this bitterness.
im tired of this home.
i had safety in you
and now im far away.
i will never let you win.
the rain is drowning sorrows.
alcohol is useless these days.
but a line of powder.
might get rid of the pain.
for a little while.
im sick of righteousness.
i want something real.
and solid.
bullshit free.
i want you to be me.
i want you to feel my hatred.
and my love.
i want you to be complete with me.
i want to hold you when youre sad.
and kiss you when youre mad.
and piss you off.
and make you smile.
be your bestfriend.
and your enemy.
my friendship is forever.
through the good and the evil.
my love is unconsequencial.
it has a lot of pull
fuck me
and spite me
let go of yourself..
i want you to feel me
i want you to love me.
i want you to know me.
i want you to be me.