Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
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2001-07-17 19:49:17 (UTC)

Boredom Defeats PMS

Current music: Defeat You by Smash Mouth
Current mood: Whatev today we have no car. It's in the shop. I
will probably just be calling people all day's
good though in a way I need to catch up with everyone.
I get in this thing of hardly talking to my friends
over summer. I promise though, today I will do my best to
not call you know who. This seems so Cub Scout. Don't
ask, it's a little bro thing.
So the PMS continues, and I'm getting fat. Uhh, I
need to go work out today which hopefully I will get
offline and do. But the boredom of today is taking over
all my symptoms, so I all I've managed to do today is eat a
bagel, listen to Smash Mouth, and mercilessly tie up the
phone line. Ooh, isn't Real World on tonight? I know That
70's Show and Titus are. What can I say, it's the Amanda
Version of Must-See-TV. Whatev.. This entry has been
really short, surprisingly, and non eventful, so I better
get going before I put yall to sleep. ~mandy, bored out
of her cute little skull but stayin strong!