the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2001-07-17 19:42:13 (UTC)

the space between



Humm distance is a killer believe me .. but for some odd
reason .. it does not matter to me this time .. nothing
matters .. I use to be able to see into the future .. see
what was gonna happen to me .. i can not do that any
more .. i can't do anything any more .. I am consumed in
thought .. avoiding all reason .. i am not sure why but i
am assuming it is b/c i don't want to entertain any thought
of " it might not work out " ! Is that so wired that i want
to hold on to someone i can't have . I care deeply for
someone i have never met .. but it seems like i have known
him all my life .. there are no questions left unanswered
between us .. no blanks .. He listens to me .. I can not
thik of anythign i want from this person but love ..
comfort .. with every other person it was not like this ..
the distance does not bother me .. the faceless voice does
not bother me .. I care nothing for that .. all i care
about is the human being behind all that ....

okay so now for what has been up lately .. i need to go and
get new cloths for school and i am trying to make up my
mind what theme i am going for this year .. punk ..
skater . prep .. yeah know .. I am not really sure ..
I dunno i am seriously gonna have to get a hair cut .. i
need to get my hair trimed i thik it is getting shabby ..
does anyone remeber that childrens book the velveteen
rabbit and how he got shabby well i am felling like that
now .. grr .. :)
that was a good book .. humm i wonder where it is .. :)
* aww the memories
but i have to go .. i have some stuff to do .. :)