Henri´s Diary
2001-07-17 19:28:17 (UTC)


Satu is our bearded collie pup. He is a few months old now
and growing very fast. Yesterday it was the first time for
him to go with the car.

At first he found it all very exciting, but after a few
corners he got very sick and started to throw up. Lucky me!
I was sitting next to him and got the full load. YUCK!

A few times he got sick but overall the 2 hour ride went
quite well. We can do that more often. He will get used to
it (I hope).

He is really a little raskal. Tonight he was playing in the
garden, and all of the sudden he jumped in the pond,
because he wanted to catch the fish. :o) We thought that he
would learn of that, but he still thinks the pond and
fishes are very interesting.