Bitch Session
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2001-07-17 19:26:02 (UTC)

SEX advice....thanks everyone!

I really appreciate all the feedback to the big mastering
the domain dilemma...LOL Yeah, I realize pretty much all
men are gonna masturbate, and that I shouldnt take offense
to what he looks at when he does. But my whole thing
mainly had to do with this kinda interfering with our sex
lives together. If I was getting it as I wanted, even after
he'd had the day off and had done his thing, then no
problem! Most of the advice I got had to do with doing
something a little different to "spice" things up a
little. Well, things have always been a little spicy
between us. I feel that I'm a little more enlightened than
some women in that I'm game for almost ANYTHING! lol But
I'm gonna heed the advice I got to be subtle in my approach
at lighting his fire. Will try something a little
different, but not too DIRECT, in my attempts to get him to
turn back to ME more often. Thanks to everyone who wrote!