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2002-08-28 06:54:15 (UTC)

my first entry

what to really talk about? so many things have happened to
me just in this year it is not even funny. i had a kid,
got my first job, and my first psychotic boyfriend. who is
also the father of my baby. my daughter's name is wrena
jayne. born may 14th, 2002. a very beautiful child and her
father wants nothing to do with her. for some reason, i
dont really care. there is this new guy. he is real
great. he used to work a mcdonalds with me. brent. we
went to this party last weekend, things happened........ i
havent seen him since. whats a girl to do.

im mad at myself. i have become a clique. a teenage
mother. im not as bad off as most of them i know, but
things could still be better. my friend rena is just about
the only thing that keeps me sane anymore. what would i
possibly do without her. jump into oncoming traffic?......
take the blade that extra inch? questions i dont have to
answer anymore. with all this chaos. i somehow found
peace and serinity. mabey that is what happens. after so
much shit and a neverending cycle. things just have to get
better. i dont really know. my life is so hellous and
disorganized, but i sorta like it that way. so long until
next time. peace. pascale

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