more human than human
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2002-08-28 06:15:37 (UTC)

It's been a while

So when was the last time
You wanted me near
Wished I was there by your side
When was the last time
I really made you feel
Like life was worth an effort
Or even made you smile
Do you ever look foreward
to having me there
Was there something you
wanted to say
I always got the feeling from you
That you were holding back
Leaving something important
No matter how much
you wanted to say it.
I guess I want you
To know that I miss
Knowing you're there
Even though sometimes
it felt like you weren't.
I'm sorry for seeming
possessive at times
I just wanted to
Know that you cared,
Cuz you said you did
But whispered words
are masked by the screaming
Of actions
Which now sometimes
Confuse me
What am I
Where are we
I look around
But I can't tell
Where this is
That I'm standing
I wonder if he to this is meant will ever read it, or what
he'd say.

The Lost Elf

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