My Confessions
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2002-08-28 05:55:38 (UTC)

One of the Guys

Dear Diary,

Okay so second day back, didn't go all to bad. My
government teacher is a total prick tho! For physics we
picked lab groups, I am with Jay, Greg and Luke, it is
really interesting so far, I've never been with just guys
before...i'm thinking I'll be able to learn a lot!

Good news, my parents are going out of town this next week,
every summer they go on a golfing vacation with jay's
parents, so yaaay no parents! i don't know what Collete is
gonna try to do, but at least if she brings over her weird
guy friends, I can always escape to Jay's house.

Christian kept giving me pissed off looks all throughout
physics, it was really annoying me. You should have seen
the look on his face when Jay and Greg asked me if I wanted
to be in their lab groups. He looked like he was going to
kill someone. I'm glad he's jealous, if thats what he was.
He deserves to go through hell for what he did. Besides,
he's cute, but there's no way we are ever going to work
out...he's not THAT cute!