A Princess
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2001-07-17 18:59:16 (UTC)


Woke up as per usual slept a bit late but hey,had english
first which was cool, had 2 listen to mark dissing his ex
g/f, can be funny at times, this other girl wants the part I
wat in our play too, shes so much better at it so I dont
know if its worth auditioning for, well Im auditioning for
both parts anyway, its so funny some people just cant to
american accents its hilarious especially linda, I spent all
dinner time trying to teach her,lol...BUT I soo want that
part even though I wont anyway cos its a fix this girls
bestfriend is one of them judging it, grrrr, but she has
short hair and looks nothing like a cheerleader :( (In
denial)ANYWAY, I quit doe cos I dont really hang around much
with matt, k8 etc n e more...Vickys b-day on thurs...what to
get, ahh nightmare! Itz weird not speaking to chris...It
really seems like hes gone 4 ever I know its been like 4
dayz but it feels like 50 :-/ Well, missing my baby