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2002-08-28 05:33:27 (UTC)


Alrite I am sitting here....talking to pple on msn..about
just daily stuff....and it pissed me off...because they
sitting here telling me all the stuff they do they sit on there asses all jack
shit...and then go out every nite of the week and there
parents give them money on a fucking silver platter for
crying out loud.and they think everything is perfect and
life is gr8...not a care in the world...well u think life
is so easy "eh"?¿?...well fuck you all...because you
know,that ain't life,if your parents are still paying for
everything u do when your fucking 16,thats not really
life,wait till you get out in the real world pple,pple
ain't gonna give shit on a silver fucking get
off your lazy ass,work,make your own money,pay for your own
clothes,and enterinment purposes, grow up act
your age,and quiet being so inmature.FUCK....Grrrr....