elizabeth m peebles

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2002-08-28 04:06:20 (UTC)

my blind date

gosh what is there to say about blind dates?? you don't
know the person, much less what he's all about. its hard
to tell someone what your about and what you like. those
are things that eventually come out once you start dating.
who wants to get to that point? how do you know that
things will work out or if he's going to be some crazy
person?? my answer is you'll never know. these are things
that you will find out later on down the road. my question
to myself is "do i want to give this person a chance?"
thats a rough call. you'll will always have those old
feelings for someone else it seems like. no matter what i
do i can't shake of these feelings. or maybe i don't want
to shake off these feelings. who knows what i'm thinking.
i come to find out that feelings rule your world. no
matter if its hurt,anger, or just feeling ok with yourself
some how feelings always play a key role in things that
happen to you. why can't life be simple in that sense?? i
guess nothing is simple when you come down to it. all in
all it was a good date. he was nice and kick my ass in
pool.(which i should of won by the way) you have to let
them win sometime. for me personal i don't think that
blind dates are for me. i like to be able to know a person
and feel comfortable with who they are and what they're all
about. of course i would want to same for them. you can't
win them all :)

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