Thoughts to Share
2002-08-28 03:54:49 (UTC)

something else

So, I should be productive...do something else. But, after
11:00-if I'm not in a studying state of mind, then my brain
shuts down. Anyways-maybe I'll do some more in a little
bit. No class tomorrow...just convocation, so I should be
sleeping in. Ahhh....sleeping past 6:30, love it.

My anatomy notes today...don't know that I can read them.
Once I start getting sleepy, my notes go downhill from
there...sometimes literally. For some reason, it was
exceptionally bad today.

Still constantly feeling behind, and overwhelmed. Which
explains why I'm doing this instead of studying now?

Heather bought the new Jimmy Fallon CD today. It's
excellent if I do say so myself. May have to have her burn
me a copy. ;-) He talks a lot about college life and it's
just so true, it's hilarious.

Ash's night to cook dinner. Chicken and pasta. Yum.

This year...we domesticate Meredith. :-p You're gonna be
great kid. :-p