steaming the buns
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2002-08-28 03:35:12 (UTC)

it s never too early in a day..

it's never too early in a day to start feeling like crap it
seems. space is space. would you meet me there? dont think
so. i'll run far far away. provide the needed solitude.
have been asked of me. am pleased to serve. thank you very
much. think ive said all ive needed to. really not in my
hands anymore. so ill wait and bleed silently here. here is
my own space. could space actually choke you to death? i
believe so. randomly typing on the keyboard wont ease. wont
forget. wont turn it off. i wish i had an off button. if i
had id probably offed myself years ago.been staring at a
picture all week. talking to it asking why. am i a sad case
of zero? i think so. waiting for these people to get
through an im outta here. as early as it is it feels like i
didnt notice the morning sun there. babble babble. pass the
time hurry up take your time.if you find me gone with a
pack, my elec guitar and an amp with me. that would mean im
off for good. lots of thoughts everynight before i succumb
to sleep. what if? what would i do? every night like that.
how bout later? dont want to shut off the lights. shut
myself off likely. cant say it to me? cant talk to me? dont
hide behind lines. beautiful beautiful day. if tomorrow's
gnaa be the same. id rather not wake up nymore.if u think
im being too sorry for myself. being to whiney. fuck you.
nobody told u to read.

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