OhBaby It Is Me

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2002-08-28 02:13:31 (UTC)

Alright don't ask me why but....

This is killing me. I seriously need help before I shoot myself
over this. It seems as if he's trying to avoid me. Ok I have an
idea. If I play like it's all physical and that I don't want it to
be more then that, he might come to find what is missing and then
want exactly what I secretly want. So maybe reverse psychology will
work in this situation. Maybe not, but hell it's worth a try. You
know what I did. I did something that I really shouldn't of. I
helped a boy in his scam to get back at his x girlfriend. You know I
wish he was being truthful. I really really do. Then it might be a
hell of a lot easier on me. It would take something else off my
mind. The reason I went to Chris’s house was so that I could take
that whole thing out of my mind. There is so may other things that I
need to deal with right now and that's not one of them. I need to
call my sister and see if she'll lend me that bag of hers. Hopefully
she will since all it does is sit in her trunk. I think I'm going to
clean out my car tomorrow. Put some more odd junk in the trunk just
to be funny. I have all my new school clothes in it now. There are
too many problems in my life right now then to be mad at someone or
to hold a grudge. Ok well i figure some of my life out you all have

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