her wish eternal
2001-07-17 16:47:02 (UTC)

many days later

she's staring at me softly
I'm starying at her eyes
that both of us are photographs
comes as no suprise

I tell her that I love her
she asks me softly why
I tell that that without her
I think that I would die...



You are in the kitchen, making tea and I'm eating cereal,
acting calm. I ask you about your plans for the day, what
you anticipate doing. You make comments about the grocery
store and maybe the dry cleaners. I take another bite of
cereal and nod absently. You have no idea.

The phone rings and you answer. A male voice says "lemmie
talk to jimmy" and you shrug handing it over. While I grab
the phone, you take your tea to the seat opposite mine. I
talk for a few minutes in a hushed voice, and though you're
not trying to, you catch the phrase "no, she doesn't know"

I return the phone to it's cradle, and return to my seat.
You're staring at me. "I don't know what?" you ask. I grin.
"You'll find out soon enough, love." to further relieve you
of your fears, I lean across the table and kiss you deeply.
You seem still unhappy, but more content to wait. I wonder
if you have any idea...

When the doorbell rings, I'm on my feet immediately, walking
through the hall with quick footsteps to the door before you
even get your tea set down. You get into the hall to see a
handful of guys and a couple of girls walking in, shaking my
hand and smiling pleasently at you. You smile back, looking
a little unsure. You're not dressed for company. Your hair
is still barely combed and you're still wearing your

You smile politely as I introduce everyone to you,
delightfully omitting their reason for showing up this early
in the morning. "Well" You say after all the names are out.
"I should go get dressed"

This brings a laugh to several people. They are unaware that
you do not know. One of the girls says "can I watch?"

You look confused, and they laugh more. I lean in close,
wrapping my arms around you from behind. "Love, these people
are here for you." You still don't get it, but only for a
moment longer. Then you look a little scared and even more

"Oh," And then you smile up at me. "I see now." You smile at
them again, your smile growing as you imagine what I'm
asking of you. "Where do you want me?" I don't know who she
was asking, so I answered, whispering.

"Undress, then go to the closet. We'll come for you each in
time." You nod to us, smiling, unbuttoning your shirt. I
step back and you let the shirt fall away, exposing your
breasts. Everyone smiles. You turn sideways as your pull
your pajama-pants down. you step out of them, and smile,
almost completely naked.

"More?" You ask, looking at me and running your finger along
the waist-band of your panties. I nod and you grin. You push
your body against mine, kissing me while pulling down the
fabric from your body. You let it fall with a slight wiggle
from your hips, then step out of them completely. You face
the people, lean back into my arms and smile. "all good?"

Some nod, some clap, some whistle. You smile at the
attention, smile at my arms, holding you close. You smile at
the feel of your body against mine. I kiss your neck and
whisper. "Go love. Let us begin..."

You walk away, almost self-consciously. Around the corner
and into the closet. It's dark, and you grin. It's supposed
to be mysterious. You take one of the large coats down, fold
it in half and kneel on it. Then, you listen, trying to
figure out who comes first.

"Alright people," you hear me call. "let's draw straws to
see who gets her first."

Inside, despite yourself, you hope that I win.

For a moment there is silence, shuffling while people draw
straws. A guy whose voice you can't place says "is it me?
It's me..."

You hear the footsteps of his approach and you ready
yourself, not really sure what's about to come. He opens the
closet door, fully dressed and smiles down at you. "Hello."

You smile but choose not to say anything. You let you
fingers wander up his leg to the bulge in his pants. He
helps you expose him, and you eagerly suck his penis into
your mouth. He moans and you bob your head slowly along his
length. Outside, you hear voices of people chatting,
sociably. Music is put on and someone laughs. All that is
outside. Inside there's you and him, your mouth and his

He pushes into you and begins to come, and you smile to
yourself as you swallow his juices. He's gasping, pushing
forward with the last of his strength.

Then, for a moment, he leaves his penis in your mouth,
resting. You lean slightly back and the now softening penis
comes out, hangs limp. He smiles, unsure of what's next. You
smile to yourself...someone else.

"well...thank you" he says readjusting his clothes, then
he steps back out of the closet. "You're welcome" you say
softly as he steps away. You're not sure if he hears you.

After he's gone, you hear the soft click of highheels and
one of the women wearing a midlength dark blue skirt walks
in. She smiles, staring at your body and you feel a little
ashamed of your nudity.

Finally, she says hello and you place your hands tentively
on the insides of her legs. Then, with a long gentle push,
you lift her skirt and stare between her legs. She is well
shaved, and seems to be completely shameless. She smiles at
you. "Let's do it."

You lean your head in, running your tongue up the inside of
her thigh, letting your toungue brush along her sensitive
areas before licking down the other side. She moans softly
and you smile. You move your mouth directly between her legs
and let your tongue enter her slightly. She gasps and grabs
your head, pushing it closer to her. You dip your head
slightly, then let it come up, sticking your tongue deep
inside her. She moans audibly and you begin to take her with
your toungue, moving it steadily deeper and faster inside
her. You let your fingers run up and down the insides of her
leg while you let your tongue roam freely inside her. you
match the pace of your fingers to the pace of your tongue
and she pants between her moans. You keep the pace
alternating, keeping her off guard. Finally, you feel her
tensing up. You push your finger nails into her thighs and
you stick your tongue into her as far as you can. She begins
to come and you hold your position through her orgasm. After
a few seconds of rest, she begins to move her body against
you. You pull away and smile. "Tut Tut," You smile. "Only
one for each."

She smiles, still breathing heavily, then steps back, away
from you. A little dizzy, she walks away.

The next footsteps are indistinguishable from any other guy,
but you know it's me. You smile in anticipation. I open the
door and peek in, holding a coke and wearing a pleasent
smile. "Having fun, love?"

You grin and gesture with your finger. I set my coke down
and walk in to the closet with you. You pull the door closed
behind me, and pull me forcefully to the ground. You hold me
down and kiss me madly. "I love you" You say with your
actions. I hold you on top of me, kissing you back. You pull
at the buttons of my shirt, undoing them while we embrace.
You push away my shirt, feeling my chest and kissing my
neck. I assist in removing it and while I struggle to get it
off my hand you unzip my pants. Within moments, you have me
stripped of clothing.

Your hand pets me fondly while we embrace again. I hold your
body close pushing your soft flesh against me. You lift
yourself up and slide me inside you. I gasp and you moan and
we embrace again. I put my hands on your breasts, pushing
against them as I push myself into you. You moan, keeping
your hands flat against my chest, adding leverage as you
move your body up and down against me. Our moans begin to
sync and grow stronger off each other. Our thrusts meet and
match and it's difficult to say who's pushing harder or
faster. Our bodies merge and we mutually moan and gasp and
push against each other. You let your body fall agaist me,
let your breasts lay on my chest as we continue to thrust.
Your eyes are glazed and you stare off. I stare at you and
smile. We start to come, and there seems little distinction.
We come together, we finish together.

You rest your head on my chest, and I wrap my arms around
you. Without another thought or word, we both sleep, while
the others outside wonder how much longer it will be...

I love you always