Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
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2001-07-17 16:41:41 (UTC)

Damn you peanut butter cups!

Welp, i have three days left! I am being picked up at 10am
on friday morning. Isnt that great?! God im so pumped!!
Hehe. Anyhoo, i felt like i was 3 yesterday. I colored for
3 hours. Am i not a nerd?! But its ok...i just whipped out
the crayon box and drew and colored in my arthur (yes
arthur, the one on pbs.) coloring book. Hehe. Anyways, i
was in the mood for some chocolate. Even though i KNOW i
cant have it, i needed it. One of those girl things. Ya
know?! So i went to the machine in the lobby downstairs,
and i went and i got a reeses cup...but it got stuck. God
just didnt want me to eat that wonderful chocolaty
peanutbuttery cup of goodness. Damnit! Now when somebody
goes to get a peanut butter cup, they'll get one for free.
they'll have two. Damn the lucky bastard. Hehe j/k! Well im
off to take a nap before i go off to the gym today. Thats
if it isnt pouring rain outside. In that case, im coloring
away again tonight. Haha! adios chicos!


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