Jena's Rants
2001-07-17 16:23:05 (UTC)

Don't hit the Blind Guy!!!!!

The above perfectly explains my car ride into work with
Hoppy this morning. We went out with Luscian and Joyride
Josh last night and got mad plastered at the Tex Mex Bar.
Very good times until we got home. Uhhhh man.......I was
too toasted, we had some rotten beginning conversation and
then that was it, Hoppy burnt himself on a candle and
nearly broke his knuckles trying to destroy the candle or
some crazy shit. I dunno, very weird. So, I felt like
pooh b/c I was so caught up in being drunk and other stupid
shit to really get into the soup. I still feel bad, isn't
that retarded??? I dunno, get over it JENA..... that is
halfway to female thinking and I am not tying to get all
girly or some shit. So, I can't talk about anything right
now. I feel like an idiot.