can't fight the moonlight...
2002-08-28 01:36:24 (UTC)


wrote a fic last night, yay me. kinda cute, haven't gotten
any feedback from XFMU but thats ok. shit, i had something
to say! lol, i swear there was a reason i decided to write
in this....! OMFG!
well, i'll just babble for a-WAIT! Mwah, I remembered!
We're doing a fucking *musical* for Drama. SO PISSED. My
last freaking year and we're doing this shit cuz Dr Seely
wants us to. We don't have enough people, we don't have
enough people that can SING, its...arg. Maybe I'm just
pissed cuz I have *no* singing talent and I can get a good
role except for that small part...I dunno, we'll see how it
turns out. I wouldn't even do it, but I couldn't leave
Amanda in a situation like that, and i know i'd miss it.

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