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2001-07-17 16:22:15 (UTC)

i need to leave. i need to go..

i need to leave.
i need to go home.
i just want to get out of here...
theres so much bad.
so much...
fucking pregnant people. pregnant CHILDREN.
im seventeen.
fucking people dying.
fucking people going up and never coming down.
and im CLEAN NOW.
i just want to cry
and i cant
it doesnt fix anything.
they are all going no where
and i cant to anything about it
they are all hurting.
they are all sad.
they are all mad
they are all people i love.
peopel i care about.
and i cant DO anything.
i know.
no one could do anything for me.
these are like my BESTfriends.
you know.
peopel i would do ANYTHIGN for.
but i cant do anything.
i cant even talk to them.
it makes me so upset.
i cant see them like that.
and they dont know what they do to me.
they just dont know.
epopel just dont think.
i cant deal with this.
why do i have to deal with this.
i dont know HOW HOW HOW to deal with this.
what am i supposed to do?
just be their friend.
what exactly IS a friend then?
what the fuck.
just help them
you know.
just fuck
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
i dont know what to do anymore.
everything thinks i do.
but i really dont.
i just dont know.