2001-07-17 16:03:34 (UTC)


Friday, February 16, 2001
This is where life gets hard, I think.
I know it’s been a while since I last wrote, but
damn has it been busy. Since we last talked, I got a yeast
infection in my throat, went home 4 times got 5 fillings
and bought a new car.
That was this week.
I tell ya, it’s been rough and I don’t know what
I’m going to do for the rest of my life. This is what
adults do (I think) and it is just too damn hard. No, it’s
not, it just takes up a lot of time that I don’t want to
use on stupid shit like this.
This is why I want to move to Hawaii. Everything’s
on the bus line and it’s always nice outside. If you had a
yeast infection, would you really care?
I’m excited and happy and…
Here’s another little thing I don’t wanna let out
but I just have to: I think god’s trying to trick me. I
always said that everything happens for some sort of reason
and that everything works out in the end. Well, things
have been going badly, as you know, but everytime I try and
think of what good may come out of something, god comes
around and makes what I think the purpose not the purpose.
Like today, I thought that buying a new car would
save my parents money because they pay the insurance on it
(like nice folks) and the insurance for my tiny car is
ridiculously high. Well, I forgot that you have to get
full coverage on a financed car, so now my parents are
paying a lot more. I dunno what to do.
Maybe I’ll pay for the car all by myself and then
they can get the apartment. Or maybe I can get the
apartment and they can get the insurance. Or maybe I can
pay the damned thing off as fast as possible and then they
can get PL&PD on it.
Fuck it. I’m through. I’m sick of thinking about
money. Like I said, it makes you old, and I feel like I’m
174 (although from all of the stress zits on my face I look
like I’m 15)